Author Update: August 2017

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Well it is the last month of the summer and I have so much news to share. I decided to do a little monthly update each month to help keep you all updated on my news as well as things going on. First of all this month I will be taking part in a couple of hops so you will have the chance to win not only some great prizes from me but also from bloggers and other authors as well. I had to adjust my writing schedule a little and will be sharing that with you more. I am also in the process of redoing the entire site so if you click a page that ins’t working please be patient and let me know!

In Book News

If you click my coming soon books you will find a section called Bringing a Book Together. That is where I update you on where I am with the writing of each book. I will still update that section but thought I would share that with you all here as well.  So here it goes nothing!

The City Girl Ropes a Lawman: The release date has been pushed back because Adam is being a douche! I’m talking an enormous I want to kill him off kind of a douche. He is currently unhappy with a scene that I wrote. Well Liberty would talk to anyone like that and I don’t why he thinks he’s special. The truth hurts and he needed to hear it.

Clover: This one has also been pushed back but simply because there was a scheduling conflict with my editor. So, we needed to move things around a bit. Clover is moving along and I promise those who are a part of Lenore’s Legion that I will start sharing unedited clips with you soon.

Dominic: If you are wondering where this one came from, it’s one that I had already began years ago and just came across. Domini is moving along well. He and Abigail are currently arguing over who is always right but let’s just say that neither are. Often!

Unbreakable Ties: Has hit a bit of a wall lately. I know the story I want to tell but I had to set it aside since it is an emotional one. This one tears at my heart as I write it so I have set it aside and work on it piece by piece.

I have another series and two stand-alone books that I will be sharing with you soon. I don’t want to give too much away and I am super excited about them. I am hoping to have at least four or five books out by the end of the year.

Life News

Life has been good lately for me! I am busy writing but have managed to take a vacation to the beach! Follow me on Instagram to find those pictures. In fact, I am on Instagram a lot posting things about my life.  It is my favorite social media. Other than that right now truthfully I am so busy writing that I don’t have time for much else. Talk about begin a horrible friend! My friends understand even Susan (glocksue on Instagram when you see her in my posts) who is sometimes a Nazi and tells me I have to stay outside all day. She is determined to make sure my beach tan remains all year….god bless her!


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