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Book Cover: Clover
Part of the Celtic Goddess series:
  • Clover

If it wasn’t for bad luck Clover Bonaventure  wouldn’t have any luck at all. The only place where even a scrap of luck seems to exists is at the family bakery she runs with her sisters.  Working to keep their bakery running is hard enough but when you add in a new-found fire starting talent she can’t control, plus an unknown witch killer and Clover has her hands full. She doesn’t have time for the sexy fire chief even if he seems to manage her fire all too well.

Fire Chief  Alec Layton is certain that the woman is trying to kill him and by fire none the less!  There is something about her that makes him want to turn on his hose and not in an entirely job related capacity. He knows that Clover is a fire witch and that the feelings he has could very well mean she is his mate. After all, the sudden mating frenzy has been all over the news lately. So has the Witch Killer who is determined to rid Savannah of witches once and for all. Alec knows that as a witch mate it falls to him to help keep the coven safe. Now if he could only convince Clover of that.


6/6/17: If there was ever a series that changed so much before I ever got started it was this one. This book has gone through a lot of changes and I think that Clover will surprise you. I am pushing for around 90,000 words with this one although I may sail right pass that. Currently I am knee deep in the Witch Killer's mind and working towards making him seem sane in the normal settings that you will meet him in.