Unbreakable Ties

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Book Cover: Unbreakable Ties
Part of the O'Reilly Clan series:
  • Unbreakable Ties

Bears Mate for Life………So if she thinks he will give her a divorce she has lost her mind.

Mason O’Reilly may have sent his mate away ten years ago but it had nothing to do with not loving her. Failing to protect her when she needed him the most gutted him. After a night of passion that burned brighter than ever he knows that he will lay down his life to never fail her again.

Bears Mate for Life………No they don’t and Grace has the divorce papers to prove it.

Of course getting Mason to actually sign them proves to be a bit of a challenge. It’s been ten years since she laid eyes on him and one look had her burning hotter than ever. Now she is staring at two pink lines and a mate who thinks he’s moving in.


6/6/17: I am 100% completely stalled out on this book. I have no idea how that happened. I have the plot completely planned and know the direction I want to go but it like the characters have just stopped talking to me. I will say that this book deals with loss and since the female lead is based on someone close to me I think that makes getting the words on paper a little harder. After watching what she went through I knew that she was Grace in every sense of the word. So for this moment I have pushed this book to the back waiting to see where it takes me.