Bring the Scent of Sheriff Adam Lynch Home!

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Have you heard of Book Boyfriend Candles? Well they are a company that offers up candles scented with your favorite book boyfriends! Sounds amazing right? Well several months ago I actually had a scent designed for one of my characters. It was for Sheriff Adam Lynch from upcoming title, The City Girl Ropes a Lawman. Let me tell you that this process was both easy and a little difficult for me. Easy because Kristen over at Book Boyfriend Candles already had the perfect scent in mind when I told her about Adam.  Difficult because she asked me things like color of the candle and lid color. Do you have any idea how hard that was? I mean we had to have a family meeting so I could get everyone’s opinions are these matters. In the end I made a selection and then my candles arrived.

I had a small number that I gave to family and friends. Maybe six or seven, not that many. However they are so popular with family and friends that I have had to hide them. They are in a secret location that I cannot disclose at the moment.  The reason is because I am saving them to give to fans although I may have to order more soon. I am asked often as to where I got them and if I have anymore. I can’t tell you how much that means to me to know that they enjoy them. When I received the candles I was nervous because it was my first time smelling them. They are divine!

Adam’s Smell

So what does Adam smell like? He smells like warm sugar cookies with just a hint of cinnamon. The cookies are his favorites and his mother (bless her heart) is always bringing him some at work. If she’s not bringing them he finds them at her house when he stops by. Good thing he works out! The hint of cinnamon is the Big Red gum that he chews in an effort to cut down on the sugar cookie smell. It doesn’t work at all! All it does is create a uniquely Adam scent and taste.

Book Boyfriend Candles

You can order your very own Sheriff Adam Lynch Candle from Book Boyfriend Candles. Also keep watching because I occasionally give these away.



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