About the Author

Are you really as country as you seem?

Yep! I am so country that my daddy used to call me his little redneck. However I am also very citified too. I lived a number of years in a major city and while I adore the country and all that it has, I do like having food delivery at the drop of a hat.

What is Lenore’s Legion?

Are you a member of Lenore’s Legion? Well you should be! This is the place where you get to know me the best. Here I share excerpts, cover reveals (sometimes super early), special giveaways only for members. Not to mention the place where you can sign up to be a Beta Reader or even get an ARC (advance review copy) when they are available. It is the place to connect with me and be a part of my growing group of awesome readers.

Where do you get your ideas?

My ideas come to me from various places. Sometimes it is a life event that sparks a story while other times it is a person I meet. Many ideas come while I’m in the shower as it is my quiet place. The one place I can work out a scene without any distractions.

Are you traditionally published?

As of right now no I am not. I am fully indie published which means I publish my own books. I do use the wonderful Draft 2 Digital to help me get my books out there.

Are any characters based on yourself?

Yes. There are a couple of characters that are more me than others. Rowan from the Celtic Goddess series has a lot of me in her simply because I connected with her as I was creating her. There was something familiar about her. Emerson is also like me in a lot of ways. I think her struggles with her family mirror my own (not the wealthy part! I mean I wish!) which made writing them much easier.

Are you married?

No I am not. I almost got married once but lets just leave it at I learned a valuable lesson from him. One that I use often in my writing. There is even a character or two (evil ones) that are based on him a little.

How did you start writing?

I began writing a couple of stories a few years ago but set them aside when I felt I couldn’t do it. Then in 2016 Celia Kyle opened up More Than Mated: Grayslake Kindle World and I took a chance. The world itself had already been created so I needed to do was create my characters. That one little book sparked the beginning of my new career and completion of a life long dream. I told myself if I only ever sold a single book (that my mother didn’t buy) I was consider myself a success.