Alpha Squadron

What are the Alpha Squadron exactly?

They are a group of former special ops men who the government has enhanced in various ways. The purpose of this was to improve their abilities and make them a more elite unit. While that purpose has been accomplished a side effect that was not realized was that they now genetically pass their new abilities onto their children. Children who easily become targets for those wanting to use their DNA or skills.

Why did you decide to write this series?

This was actually one of the first series or books that I ever wrote. I put it aside and came across it later. I decided that this story needed to be shared with the world and set out to revise and freshen things up some. Things that I hadn’t originally planned. In fact they weren’t even paranormal in the beginning. I think that is why I couldn’t ever finish it. there was something missing.

Will each member of the Squadron get their own book?

Yes each member of the original squadron will get his own book.  There are currently no plans for anyone who is brought in or added to the team later to be given a book. However those plans could always change. As far as the children go, I have no idea if they will ever get a book.

How many books are in (or will be in the series)

There will be 7 books, one for each of the original men on the team. You can head over the Alpha Squadron page and find all of the books along with any other information you may need about them.