Grayslake More Than Mated Kindle World

Where can I learn more about the Grayslake Series?

That series was written and created by Celia Kyle and you can learn more about not only the series but also the Kindle World on her website here.

Is Emily human or something else?

This is the biggest question I get asked. Yes, she is human but has a little something extra. What it is no one really knows. I was never sure if there was going to be an answer to Emily’s unusual gift and as I wrote I decided to leave it unanswered. That doesn’t mean that I won’t answer it later.

Will Sage get a book at some point?

Most likely yes but for now she needs to grow up and just be a child since she has had little of that recently.

What is next from you in the Grayslake More Than Mated Kindle World?

At some point I plan on writing about Emily’s friend Meredith and her trip to Grayslake. She is a scientist who discovers Griffin, so that should be tons of fun.