Meet the Heroine: Clover Bonaventure

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When I started writing Clover I knew one thing right away about her. It was that  she was a strong and sometimes tough woman. She is the oldest of three triplets who lost their parents at a very young age. That has left Clover feeling a little like the sister-mom at times over the years. Having that edge also works well in her given power. She is a fire witch who has suddenly began starting fires.


Clover is the girl that you could easily see on the back of a motorcycle. She does have a tattoo (that you will learn about in her book) and as you can see in the picture above it is a flame. It works well for both her and her true mate, Alec. Here are a few of Clover’s stats:


  • Oldest sister by 4 minutes born on the Summer Solstice- June 21, 1992
  • She is a fire witch
  • Full of confidence
  • Full blood witch- 2nd Degree


Physical Appearance

  • Red hair with blue eyes
  • 5’5” tall
  • Runs the family bakery with her sisters
  • Dresses like a biker chic


Parents: Grant and Janet Bonaventure both deceased. They died when the girls were four years old.

Sisters:  Calliope and Rowan (they are triplets)

Other Family: Great Uncle Milton Bonaventure came to live with the girls when they were four and raised them. He also helped train them.


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