Work in Progress

January 6, 2017

I have so many books planned but I am taking each one as they come to me. There was a moment when I had planned to release like ten books this year. Now I am planning something a little more manageable because I want each book to develop well and not feel rushed by deadlines. That is the beauty of self publishing.

The O’Reilly Clan

Unbreakable Ties has already been started and will most likely be the first book I release this year. It is a paranormal romance about the guilt we sometimes put on ourselves when tragedy strikes.

Wickedly Savannah

I have renamed the Savannah Sweets series and am still hoping to get one out this year but for now the ladies are being a bit quiet. The witches! I’m not sure just what they have brewing but the first three books will tentatively be titled: Wickedly Yours, Wickedly Imperfect, and Wickedly Shy.

Other Series and Book News

I have plans for a holiday series that will release each year but I haven’t made any progress on it as of yet. I did however start a new book and series which is yet untitled. This one is not paranormal and it’s about starting over and finding yourself. As of right now I have no idea how many books will be in this series or if it will simply be a stand alone.