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Bear in Mine

Can two souls cross the divide between and discover that the past doesn't define their future?

Set in the Grayslake: More Than Mated Kindle World join Emily and Jackson as they find their way to love when they least expect it. Both are determine to control their destiny and what will happen. Fate has other plans and shows them that no matter what they think they want Fate always knows what they need.

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Celtic Goddess Book 1

Bursting into flames isn't so bad....right?

What do you get when combine a witch who suddenly burst into flames with a fireman who is convinced she is trying to kill him? A hot combination of mates who are not only trying to figure out how to survive the mating fever but also sidestep a killer determined to rid Savannah of witches.

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Alpha Squadron Book 1

Bursting into flames isn't so bad....right?

The government made him a weapon. A weapon with a flaw he will kill to defend.

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Merging with the Alpha

One Condition. Don’t Entice the Boss. Nothing this curvy nerd can’t handle. Right?

That should be the easiest thing in the world to do. After all men don't look at Agatha in a sexual way most of the time. Of course she has never met a man like Storm either. From the moment their eyes meet he looks at her like he could eat her alive.

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The City Girl Ropes a Lawman

Cooper Creek Book 1

Life in the country will never be the same….

What happens when a wallflower finds the place she belong only to discover that maybe she didn't belong there after all. Two people who seem to come from similar backgrounds learn just how vast the divide between them can be. Will they find their way or is parting a better course of action?

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The Sheriff's Mate

More Information Coming Soon.