Alpha Squadron Book 1

Bursting into flames isn't so bad….right?

The government made him a weapon. A weapon with a flaw he will kill to defend.

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Abigail Wilkerson is running as far and as fast as she can from the trouble that is chasing her. Running straight to her brother and the group known as Alpha Squadron. She knows they are the only men that can help her. The only problem is she isn’t running alone. She’s bringing a secret that she has kept for four years. One that could cause more trouble than taking her chances with the men trying to kill her and take her son.

Dominic Gardner made a mistake years ago and it cost him the one woman he ever loved. Now that woman as well as his son are in danger. She thinks he doesn’t know her secret but he knows hers as well as she knows his. That the Alpha Squadron is the government’s secret weapons. Weapons that genetically pass on to their children. Weapons that men will kill for.

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