Merging with the Alpha

One Condition. Don’t Entice the Boss. Nothing this curvy nerd can’t handle. Right?

That should be the easiest thing in the world to do. After all men don’t look at Agatha in a sexual way most of the time. Of course she has never met a man like Storm either. From the moment their eyes meet he looks at her like he could eat her alive.

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Alpha Storm Jacobs has wealth and power that is the talk of the media around the world. So is the plethora of women that traipse through his bed. Finding a bed partner has never been a problem. Now his company is on the verge of its biggest merger and he needs an assistant….again. His Beta agrees to find him a new on the one condition that she be everything he would never go for.

Agatha Masters is the definition of curvy, nerd girl. She doesn’t have time to worry about looks. She needs a job that pays well so she can take care of her ill mother. When a wrong number ends up with a job offer at Jacobs Holdings she knows it is too good to be true. The one condition of the job is that she does nothing to entice her new boss.

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