The City Girl Ropes a Lawman

Cooper Creek Book 1

Life in the country will never be the same….

What happens when a wallflower finds the place she belong only to discover that maybe she didn’t belong there after all. Two people who seem to come from similar backgrounds learn just how vast the divide between them can be. Will they find their way or is parting a better course of action?

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Emerson Davis knows better than most that the people who are supposed to love you don’t always. She has spent a lifetime doing what everyone expected of her and took care of her family. At thirty-three she has no idea who she is or where her life leads now. Tired of being on the outside looking in, she’s determined to find her own happiness. The death of an elderly friend sends her to Cooper Creek, Montana and the chance of a new beginning. A chance that Emerson will grab with both hands even if she must learn to live with cows. Wait, cows? This city girl’s used to her steak going to the plate gracefully. She doesn’t need to know that Betsy the cow got dragged there. It doesn’t matter all she must do is survive a year on her own thanks to the stipulation of her inheritance. Only she didn’t count on the local sheriff stealing her heart only to leave her crushed.

Adam Lynch is determined to ensure the scheming city girl fails. She isn’t going get one single red cent of that inheritance. As the sheriff of his hometown he will do whatever it takes to protect not only the town but the family wealth. What was his crazy aunt was thinking when she left everything to Emerson? The only saving grace is that she was strict in her instructions. Overhearing Emerson and her sister plotting, Adam decides to take one for the team. He plans to get her to the alter and then drop her like a hot potato. Then he can run her out of town and never look back. The only problem is that city girl learns to hold her on and manages to rope his heart and soul in the process.

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