The Monthly Edit: January 2018

This is something a little new that I decided to do this year. I was doing monthly author updates but I have changed the name to The Monthly Edit and thought I would just share what I am up to each month. If you stopped by the blog yesterday you will have noticed that things were wonky. That is because I got hacked. It took me until like 10 pm last night to get things set up where most items would function. I am still in the process of getting everything done and it will most likely be another week before I am finished.

Some of the things that I am working on are things that I wanted to change anyway. The sad part is that every single little thing I had on her before is gone. Every giveaway, every post, all of the books. The good news was that I backed up all of my book information so I had it to re-add. Everything else taught me a lesson to backup regularly.


I took a break from writing last year for a lot of different reasons. I got stuck on a couple of my books and now I am hoping to finish them and get them out this year. Currently I am working on The Sheriff’s Mate and it seems to be going well. I am still in the early planning stages but am hoping to have it out this fall. It is a story that came to me and would not be quiet until I began to plot it out. I am excited and nervous about it because while it does follow my paranormal genre the guy is a bit of a jerk early on. I mean enough of a jerk that you may want to punch him before it is all said and done. What he does to the heroine really gets close to the borderline of unforgivable.

However I feel like it is necessary in order for the story to progress and for them to become the couple they are meant to be. There are a few characters in this book that do things that could be questionable. While they feel what they are doing is for the right reasons I worry how readers will take their actions. For example would you keep a secret from one person and tell another a lie in order to protect someone you care deeply about? Even if you feel like you are doing the right thing in doing this? That is just one example.


In life I am hoping to be moving this year but it has been a plan for a number of years. Of course I also hope this is the year I win the lottery because hey a girl can dream. 😉 I am looking at houses and while I know the area (I am hoping to move to a new state) I am not sure  what sort of house I want. Isn’t that awful? I know how many rooms I need and things that I want but then I am left with the size of the yard, upstairs or not, and so many other little details.

The X-Files came back on, did you know that? I watched the first episode and I will say I a bit torn. I liked and I didn’t like it. I missed the most recent episode but I will catch up and let you know what I think later. I’m excited about The Alienist that comes on the 22nd. The commercials look interesting and I have it on my calendar to check it out.

Currently Reading

 I love to read and am completely obsessed with books. In fact, my  to be read pile is huge. I am currently reading (or will be) the following books this month.

Current Instagram Love

 I am currently following and loving @jude_devir on Instagram. Every post is so great and his “One of those Days” series is perfect inspiration for a romance writer. Not to mention I can relate to a lot of the posts.

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